Deeper into OpenLOCK

We've gotten a ton of positive feedback for the experimental support for OpenLOCK that we published a bit over a week ago.  Well, now we are adding to that support.  This week we are publishing most of what you need to be able to use OpenLOCK with the vast majority of OpenForge 2.0 tiles.  Further, we've added the ability to use OpenLOCK bases with the magnetic system.

We have produced a full set of bases that support OpenLOCK as well as magnets for all the styles now out there.

These cover all the square/rectangular tile types.  As we add the other OpenLOCK styles (Diagonal, Curved, Hexagonal), we will add bases in all three stylings with and without magnets.

Finally, we have also created a collection where you can now find and browse all OpenForge 2.0 bases.

As usual, let us know what you think in the comments below.