Shiver me timbers! The lower hold!

This is installment No. 2 of the pirate ship.  While it was designed for our Skull and Shackles campaign, this ship should be suitable for any pillaging your group wants to partake in.  This particular ship is inspired by The Wormwood, the primary craft in Skull and Shackles.

We re-created the entire pirate ship, changing things here and there to create something that works in three dimensions. To get the exterior of the ship to have all the right curves, we had to think like ship builders and work from the bones on out. Pictured here is our second release, the lower hold (where the crew sleeps). We printed this in wood filament to achieve a more realistic look and feel, and it was worth it.

Given the design’s complexity, we’ll be releasing the ship in installments, probably every two weeks. (This installment took three.)

Grab it on Thingiverse  and let us know what you think in the comments below!