OpenForge reaches new heights


If you’ve ever wanted to send your PCs plummeting to their doom, today is your lucky day. 

Give your gaming terrain even more dimension with this scaffolding construction kit. It’s great for adding visual interest to warehouses, city streets, caves, unfinished buildings, etc. 

The kit contains files you can use to build your scaffolding any way you want it. Add ramps, ladders, boards that cross endless chasms -- anything your diabolical mind can dream up. 

Grab 'em on Thingiverse and let us know what you think in the comments. If you like what you see, please support our Patreon campaign. 

Carrion Crown: Another 4-year-long campaign complete

Our heroes fight the last of a long, brutal battle with the forsaken Lich in Carrion Crown. 

Our heroes fight the last of a long, brutal battle with the forsaken Lich in Carrion Crown. 


Here we are wrapping up another 4-year-long campaign. Carrion Crown is a dark horror based in Ustalav, where the Whispering Tyrant is about to return to do the sorts of things Liches do. (They're really not nice people.)

Here, Devon's Inquisitor focuses on taking down the forsaken Lich's soul shield, which was making it impossible to do enough damage to kill the slippery little jerk. Lee's witch works on dispelling and summons magic, and Sierra (pictured here behind the laptop) has her druid transform into a giant fire elemental and heal, which became especially important after the cleric got bull-rushed 80 feet off the platform and spent five rounds getting back into action. . 

This shot was taken right before Sierra's fire elemental transformed into an air elemental that picked up Monica's paladin, at which point the righteous fury of Iomedae turned the would-be tyrant into a negative-energy pinata. 

Thanks to Scott for GMing and putting up with our shenanigans!

Tudor Diagonal External Tiles Released

We are back from vacation, and we've got some more Tudor external tiles for you. 

I'm continuing to round out the upper level of the tavern. We needed some diagonal tiles for the upper level of the front entrance.

External diagonals are a tough problem.

I considered a number of designs, and I finally went with this. It will work in any circumstance, but it doesn't always create a clean diagonal surface. If it's a problem for some designs, let me know, and I'll make a second set that has the wall cut out instead of in.

I've gotten some requests for a place where people using OpenForge can collaborate and see each other's tiles, paint jobs and layouts. We are close to putting out an OpenForge forum on Reddit. Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement there.

Grab 'em on Thingiverse with and without cross beams, and let me know what you think in the comments!

Rent a room at the Dirty Goat Inn

I've gotten a lot of the tiles I printed finally painted for the inn.  The first floor is nearly done.  I've got a bunch of my own designs for tables, ovens, etc., but there's a bunch of stuff in there right now from Paizo, Dwarven Forge and Reaper.  

As I keep plowing forward, I want to make sure everything in the inn can be printed, even if it's just me pointing people to other things on Thingiverse that fit the bill.  

Check out the excellent pieces by TalismancerCurufin and Trynn. You can see some more photos of the inn in progress on the OpenForge trello board

Open Forge 2.0 dialing back to one release per week

OK, a whole heaping lot of stuff went out this morning.

Today's release is for the Tudor external adapters.  These pieces are humble, but they tie together the external set, making it much easier to build any structure you want.  There is both a basic and cross beam set.

Second, I finished moving the Tudor external walls to the new style.  Go check out the basic, basic variations, cross beam and cross beam variations.  

Now, on to updating the window tiles.  

I probably won't update the door tiles, since they aren't going to be used on an exterior wall of a building on the second story.  If you want me to fix the external doors, let me know, but they don't seem to be critical.

Finally, the pace I've been on since I started this project is catching up to me.  I'm dropping back to one release a week for a while, because I'm barely managing to get the releases out.

This week, I finally bit off more then I could chew and blew the deadlines entirely.  With it being a rush to get two releases out every week, it's a lot harder to dedicate myself to the more creative pieces (like the bread oven). Slowing down will have a positive effect on the quality of my work.  

I'm leaving for vacation today, so there won't be a release next week.  If any of you happen to be in NYC for the World's Maker Faire, We'll be there both days this weekend enjoying the geekery.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. If you like what you see, please support our Patreon campaign so we can continue to bring you new ways to customize your games. 

Are you a barbican or a barbican't?

Today we finish up the release of the barbican.  The parts are here to make a full castle gatehouse, a gate in a city wall, and any number of other stone defensive structures.

We're still working on getting the external Tudor tiles migrated forward, so I hope you all enjoy this entry from our backlog. 

Grab 'em on Thingiverse and let us know what you think below! If you like what you see, please support our Patreon campaign and share this post with your friends.

Nerds at play: Wrapping up Rise of the Runelords

Our gaming group in its natural habitat as we wrap up Rise of the Runelords. From left to right: Monica, Morgan, Scott, Lee and Peter. 


Like a boss fight should be, this one was brutal. Morgan's cleric died three times. Monica's bard died once. Lee's wizard died once.  Thoughts of a TPK ran through our minds more than once. 

As usual, Scott's ranger did a ton of ranged damage, not to mention brought our cleric and wizard back from the dead by destroying Karzoug's soul-sucker platform. It also brought a previously downed Rune Giant back to life, but since we were facing a TPK without our cleric and wizard, nobody was going to quibble.

Peter's barbarian rushed Karzoug's throne like the rage-monster he is. Morgan's cleric summoned Planetars that countered the worst of Karzoug's magic. Lee's wizard cast Maze on the dragon, which kept Big Blue out of the fight long enough for us to keep up with Karzoug's assault. (He also spent a lot of time raising the cleric from the dead.) Monica's bard sang "Hungry Like the Wolf" to keep everyone's morale up, and a well placed Pilfering Hand ripped that metamagic rod from Karzoug's greedy grasp. And Devon's dedication to gaming and 3D-printed gaming terrain made all of this possible. 

All that's left to do now is figure out how we're getting all this gold back to Sandpoint, and whether introducing it all at once will destabilize the regional economy. 

Are you the gatekeeper?

I created this some time ago but never released it.  Given that I'm busy updating all the Tudor external tiles to the newer version, this seemed like a good time to finally release the gatehouse and barbican.

This is in the style of the older OpenForge 1.0 stone series (including that it's an "edge" tile). Still, it's one of my favorite pieces, and I'm super excited to get it out for the world to see. I've updated the gatehouse to work with the OpenForge 2.0 style bases. This piece and the pieces I'll release on Friday (the barbican) are what inspired me to do the changes I did in OpenForge 2.0, as I couldn't figure out a good way to add an additional story to this, and thus the bases were born.

I'll probably eventually replace this with a cut-stone version, but I think these pieces are too awesome to never see the light of day. These and the rest of the barbican got a *wow* reaction from players when I used them in game.

Also, this is the first set of photos I'm taking in a light box I made with the support I've gotten from all of you. Let me know whether you like the white- or black-backed pictures better. I think the white-backed pictures are much clearer, so I'm prone to move forward with the white backgrounds.

Grab the files on Thingiverse and let me know what you think in the comments. If you like what you see, please support our Patreon campaign. 

Karzoug is dead! Long live our heroes!

Is he dead? What if he's only mostly dead?

Devon pours sparkling wine to celebrate the end of a very long campaign. 

Devon pours sparkling wine to celebrate the end of a very long campaign. 

Last night we wrapped up Rise of the Runelords, a biweekly game that spanned 4 years. It was the longest-running game Devon has ever GM'd and the longest-running game Monica has ever played in. 

It was a rough battle. Karzoug was waiting for us with his minions -- three giants, a few summoned demons and a dragon. Our bard (Monica) died once, our wizard (Lee) died once, and our Cleric (Morgan) died three times, for a total of five party deaths. Fortunately, being 16th level means not having to be dead forever, and we all lived to split the loot and return to Sandpoint. 


Patreon campaign lets us take better pictures

Thank you, Patrons! Your support has allowed Devon to build a light box so we can do a better job of showing you the finished tiles. 

This light box solves a big problem for us: We take most of our photos at night, in a dark office that has little more than a few lamps. We had been forced to use a flash, which washed out some of the detail. With this light box, we can give you better pictures with a lot less trouble. 

(And Monica is happy that it all fits neatly into a storage box that goes away when we're not taking pictures!)