OpenForge does OpenLOCK

This is an experiment in OpenForge supporting the OpenLOCK system. We've been in discussions with Printable Scenery , and we heartily support this open standard for locking tiles.  We have no plans to stop producing the tiles we've always produced, but given the ability for OpenForge to handle different bases for different uses, supporting OpenLOCK just clicked into place. (See what I did there?)

We've produced OpenLOCK bases that enable you to use any existing internal tile design with the system.  We've also gone all in on supporting the basic set of wallsfloors and half floors

Currently, this system seems to do a great job of usurping the need to do construction kits, but this is where you come in.  Tell us what you think about OpenForge and OpenLOCK.  Should we chase this down and make a full set?  Would you prefer we stick with what we've done before?  Tell us below in the comments!