Pathfinder Open Reference 1.2 Beta 4 is out

1.2 beta 4 is out now. If you want access to betas, join the Google + community and then follow the tester link.


1.2 beta 4 -

  • Updates from paizo's site
  • Major updates to gear.  Gear now displays qualities about the gear (such as damage for weapons, cost, etc)

1.2 beta 3 -

  • New Content: Bestiary 4
  • New Content: Technology Guide
  • Made it easier to search for standard (nonmagical) items.

1.2 beta 2 -

  • FIxed a ton of spell descriptions
  • Bug in tablet mode that caused search results to not be bookmarkable
  • Crash bug in rare cases on crash reporting (ironic)
  • New Feature: Article up arrow replaced with link on article title. Link brings up context menu that shows full article context.