Pathfinder Open Reference 1.1.7 released

1.1.7 is now out.

This is the first release to go through the new beta process. If you want access to betas, join the Google + community and then follow the tester link.


  • This is the first version using the beta system.
  • Lots of data from ultimate magic was missing from the Class Customizations section.  Specifically Bard Masterpieces, Cleric Variant Channelling, Druid Vermin Companions, Druid Domains, Inquisitor Inquisitions, Monk Vows, Witch Hexes/Major Hexes/Grand Hexes and Witch Patrons.
  • Multiple books had extraneous lists that come from how the paizo prd is organized.
  • Fixed a crash that is caused by trying to display articles that link in materials from other books if the user has turned those books off in preferences (This affects most classes).
  • Lots of typos and other minor data issues fixed.
  • New Content: Mythic rules added.
  • New Content: 2nd printing Ultimate Combat errata.
  • New Content: 3rd printing GameMastery Guid errata.
  • New Feature: History.  You can access it from the options (the three little boxes in the upper right) or just by swiping from the right of any screen.
  • New Feature: App has an option that can send the user to the app’s Google+ community
  • API: Start of API added (documentation forthcoming).