Pathfinder Open Reference 1.0.9 Released

This is an exciting release.  I've squashed a ton of database related bugs (may have been causing some force closes for some of you).  I've also instrumented the application further so that when a crash happens, I'll be able to more easily figure out what the user was doing when it crashed.' That being said, none of that sounds exciting, what I'm excited about is that this is the first release with images!  Since I'm covered under the community use licence, I can use the iconics, which I've added to the class articles in this release.  Look for additional images (Paizo allows people to use images from their blog if they are following the community use license).

Second, this is the first release incorporating feedback from the issue reporter added in the last release. To everyone who reported issues with articles, thank you, many of these fixes came from your effort.

(1.0.9) - * Added images to classes * Added starting gold to classes * Spell components with commas were getting messed up * Fixed multiple small formatting isses with monsters * Removed OGL sections from showing up in search (always still accessible from the menu) * Added additional instrumentation to get to the bottom of force closes * Fixed multiple database related force closes