Pathfinder Open Reference 1.0.10 Released

This is a monster of an update.  The way bookmarks had been previously done was unworkable, and broke with every upgrade.  Sadly, bookmarks will break again on this release, but the new bookmarking code is of a much better design and should not break with any future releases.  Sorry about this, but this one time break should mean these are stable in the future. 1.0.10 - * Massive rework done on monsters in this release.  Fixed tons of minor to major issues on hundreds of monsters. * Added links between encounter tables/cohorts and the monsters they are referring to * Incorporated all the changes from the prd update from 7/16/2012. (Second printing of the Bestiary 2) * Fixed bookmarks to not break between updates, unfortunately causing a one time erasure of bookmarks. * The application back button caused an exception on Jelly Bean devices. * Search was hard to find for many people (The hardware search button is not obvious on some phones). I have added search to the menu for these devices. * Many playable monster races had text that made them irritating to use.  I have rolled in the content referenced as "see above" into their entries. * Many feats are hidden in optional rules of various books.  Many of those have been bubbled up to the feat interface. * The summary for spells was mixed in with the spell text causing confusion for some users.  This has been reworked. * An exception was thrown if you accessed the OGL or Community use license from certain pages. * A lot of unicode garbage characters have been fixed in a lot of pages. * Fixed about a dozen exceptions. * Reworked a bunch of backend code to make incorporating new books easier in the future.