Pathfinder Open Reference 1.0.18 Released!

With such a big release last week, it as inevitable there would be some bugs.  1.0.18 is being released to address those: 1.0.18 -

  • Monster entries has spurious data under Natural Armor, Hit Dice and Breath Weapon
  • New classes were missing all spells from previous books
  • Adept spell list was broken
  • All core, base and npc classes with spells now have a linked list of spells that is a part of the class entry
  • Bookmark links on the side crashed on tablets
  • Bookmarks created in previous versions were not converting properly
  • Screen rotate now restores your location in the article
  • Cleanup of a bunch of articles based on feedback
  • A few more minor crash bugs were resolved

It's possible there are still bookmark defects floating about.  I'll keep an eye out for them and fix them if they crop up