Pathfinder Open Reference 1.0.16-1.0.17 Released!

This is a monster of a release.  I made significant backend modifications to support some future initiatives.  This caused the release to get stretched for a really long time, but I think the results are worth it. It's perhaps possible that the birth of my new baby daughter Aurelia may have cause some delay too :-) 1.0.16,1.0.17 -


  • Ultimate Combat
  • NPC Codex
  • All other changes from the 2013/01/13 PRD update

Three new top level menu items

  • Class Customizations: includes sections for every class's archetypes, and other customizations (rogue talents, wizard schools, etc)
  • Hazards: I went through every monster entry, spell, etc to tag all hazards for quick reference (Addictions, Curses, Diseases, Haunts, Infestations, Insanities, Poisons & Traps)
  • Quick Reference: Commonly used things like Conditions, special attacks free/full-round/move/standard actions, etc

Improvements to creatures

  • Cleaned up a lot of bad data
  • There are now menu items under creatures for NPCs and Templates

New Preferences

  • Preference menu that lets you turn on/off any book that you don't use or is not allowed in your game. (Thanks to robertpeacock22)


  • Keyboards that offer autocomplete were damaging search by adding a space at the end.  autocompleted words should now work fine in search

Hardware Support

  • Added support for samsung devices that enable multi-window interfaces


  • New splash screen for loading

Under the covers

  • Books are now separate databases, this opens the way for being able to download additional books.  Lots of people have requested data from books not in the pathfinder srd, I now have a future path towards supporting this.
  • All articles now have a stable URL.  This can be used now to open the pathfinder open reference via intents from other applications, but will also be the foundation of a future API that will let 3rd party apps use the data from this app.  The supported URLs to launch articles are here.  Further documentation on this will be added later.