OpenForge Tools: Magnetic Clamps Released!


This week's release is a bit on the outside of normal for what we have been doing.  This isn't a tile or terrain: It's a tool to help you more easily put the terrain we release together.  A few weeks ago we were watching a video on TerranScapes in which Mike reviewed magnetic clamps, and we knew we had to make them.  A bunch of magnet purchases, experimentation with different , and some trial and error, and you get today's release.

We're finding them super useful as we assemble the ruined pieces we've been releasing, and we thought this would make an interesting release. We realize it's a bit outside our normal wheelhouse, so before we do any more tools releases, we want to hear your feedback on whether you find this kind of thing compelling. 

So go grab em on Thingiverse and let us know what you think in the comments!