Bring in your dead! Bring in your dead!

If you’re like us, you’re probably wondering, “Where do I put all these dead bodies?”

Wonder no more: Masterwork Tools is killing it with this mausoleum. Originally designed for the Frostgrave scenario “The Mausoleum,” the piece is a great addition to any tabletop game that calls for a graveyard.

Devon’s proud of this one:  He has printed some beautiful pieces created by other makers, but this is his most complex design. Terrain remains his bread and butter, but he’s been working hard at expanding his Blender skills to make more interesting buildings for players to interact with. Monica’s primary contribution to this piece was preventing our 4-year-old from adding her own Crayola graffiti art. That was 3 seconds of heart-stopping terror, let us tell you.

This piece consists of eight distinct parts, thirty three to print, which took about a week to print using PLA plastic. It took two nights to paint. We’re offering optional parts for making it compatible with Openforge 2.0 magnetic bases and OpenLock bases.  

The top of the building comes off so you can see inside, as do the sides so your players can move freely when the undead inevitably run amok. ‘Cause those coffins aren’t going to grave-rob themselves.

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