You are the light of my dungeon

We're really excited about this release.  We've combined the strengths of OpenLOCK with a flexible system for making electrical tiles.

First, we have the Battery Base, which is an E 2x2 tile that contains a CR2032 battery and can provide power to any number of the ports on the bottom (though we generally power only one).

Second, we have the Powered Clip, which provides leads that take power from a battery base to any other tile that wants power.

Finally, we have the Torch Wall, which is an A 2x0.5 wall that connects a flickering led from an LED votive candle to the OpenLOCK port.

This is but one possibility for the kinds of effects we can now do given that we have a basic standard for power with OpenLOCK. We were inspired to work on this idea from a patron on the new backer site.  If you have not yet signed up, do it and let us know what you want!  If you have, go vote on tiles and add ideas for what you want us to work on.