Angled Risers and Half-Height Walls Released


Following this, there's only one release left in the basic set of OpenForge support for OpenLock. Here we have released Half-Height Diagonal and Angled Walls, Diagonal and Angled Risers and Full Height Diagonal and Angled Risers. A great use for these is the pictured staircase, but there are plenty of creative uses for the pieces.

Normally we try to toggle back and forth between a creative tile or accessory and the next logical tile for the set we're working on.  With all the work we put into getting the Masterwork Tools Backer Site  working, we're a little tapped on creativity, so we decided to go forward on finishing up the first run of OpenLOCK.  Lack of sleep from being home with our new daughter is somewhat to blame here ;-).  Next week we plan on finishing out the basic OpenLOCK set with the full-height risers, and the new floor sizes that rampage added since we started down this path.  From there we plan on mostly focusing on what gets voted for on the site, so be sure to get on there and have your voice heard!