A ton of OpenLOCK revisions

We noticed a few weeks ago that Printable Scenery had updated OpenLOCK to 4.0, with a bunch of changes.  They added a number of additional ports to existing walls, making tessellation easier and eliminating the need for a bunch of mirrored versions of walls.  They also added a number of new tile sizes for floors (EA-3x3, SA-3x1, SB-4x1) and walls (J-1x1, K-2.5x1, L-3x1, M-4x1, N-2x1).

We've gone through all the OpenForge OpenLOCK sets and updated them, adding in all the additional ports, adding the new tile morphologies, and incorporating some of the feedback we've gotten from you all, such as the suggestion to remove the supports in the OpenLOCK ports.

We've touched every single OpenLOCK release to get this all done, and we reorganized in the process.  All our tiles now use the same naming convention as the OpenLOCK project.  We've also consolidated all of the experiments into a smaller number of Thingiverse things.

Find the updated and new floors (including all half and large floors) in the consolidated OpenLOCK floors thing.  

Finally, we promised earlier this month to do a make-up release for the missed week earlier in December.  Look for that release later today.

Thanks everyone for your support in 2016!