Pirate ship's main deck ready to sail

This is installment four of the pirate ship. This week we release the main deck, where you’ll find the officers' and captain's quarters on the fore and aft, respectively.

This release was rough. I had two separate printer outages this week, breaking my extruder and main board, hence the late release.  Your support made it easier for me to get the replacement parts I needed, so thank you all very much for being part of this project.

While it's designed for our Skull and Shackles  campaign, this ship should be suitable for any pillaging your group wants to partake in. This particular ship is inspired by The Wormwood, the primary craft in the Wormwood Mutiny. 

I'm not the GM for the game.  I learned this week that a second ship, The Man's Promise, is the primary ship for the remainder of the campaign. That ship is forthcoming.

Grab it on Thingiverse  and let me know what you think in the comments below!