Tudor and Cut-Stone "Pillars" Released!

This piece serves at least two purposes. First, it can resolve the gap that forms when you create a corner with two wall pieces. Second, it can be used as a structural beam to help hold up additional levels.  It also happens to be a necessary set of pieces for the tavern.  To see some uses, and get a preview of how these will be used in the tavern, take a peak at the pictures on Thingiverse.

Since this tile was a rather simple build, I've gone ahead and created multiple sets at once.  I've published Tudor standard-height pillars, as well as cut stone in all three heights (half, standard and tall).

Given the huge number of possible variations in tile sizes and pillar placement, I've created the most common ones. If you want another size/placement, leave a comment and I'll get it uploaded.

As usual, let us know what you think below.

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