It's knotwork: It's play! (Ha ha! See what we did there?)

Many times I've built a dungeon with what is supposed to be an impressive room for the boss fight.  Those rooms screamed out for additional decoration to help make clear the narrative importance of the room.

All I've had in the past are a few tiles that have some designs on them, but nothing that was modular to let me build out the designs to really fit the room.  

Well, no longer.  

The Celtic knotwork floor tiles have all the modular bits you would expect: straights, corners, tees and crosses so you can build out any design you want.  I've also included two full rectangular pieces at 4x4 and my first 6x4 tile.

With the large number of variations within even a single tile size, I'm not publishing all the size variations as well.  If you want a tile of a specific size, let me know and I'll get it out.

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