We've runed everything - magical runes, that is!

No dungeon would be complete without a floor covered in runes waiting to activate and summon a gaggle of demons. Or maybe you just need a nifty coaster. Whatever. We won’t judge.

Comes with floor tiles that can use any OpenForge 2.0 base and separate stone circles that can be placed anywhere.

These are all designed to print upright. The detail on them is too small to pick up well if you're printing flat. Since the z-axis is generally smaller then the nozzle on most fdm printers, when you want tight detail, it's much easier if you put that detail on the z-axis.

If you play Frostgrave, the 2-inch versions of the circles are perfect for the arcane circle terrain piece used in the new Ulterior Motives expansion.

OpenForge reaches new heights


If you’ve ever wanted to send your PCs plummeting to their doom, today is your lucky day. 

Give your gaming terrain even more dimension with this scaffolding construction kit. It’s great for adding visual interest to warehouses, city streets, caves, unfinished buildings, etc. 

The kit contains files you can use to build your scaffolding any way you want it. Add ramps, ladders, boards that cross endless chasms -- anything your diabolical mind can dream up. 

Grab 'em on Thingiverse and let us know what you think in the comments. If you like what you see, please support our Patreon campaign. 

Patreon campaign lets us take better pictures

Thank you, Patrons! Your support has allowed Devon to build a light box so we can do a better job of showing you the finished tiles. 

This light box solves a big problem for us: We take most of our photos at night, in a dark office that has little more than a few lamps. We had been forced to use a flash, which washed out some of the detail. With this light box, we can give you better pictures with a lot less trouble. 

(And Monica is happy that it all fits neatly into a storage box that goes away when we're not taking pictures!)