Pathfinder Open Reference 1.0.3-1.0.5 Released

Ok, last try didn't quite take.  This adds the new permission needed to write to SD Cards.  Also made it so you can use android's native search to find articles in the reference.  The 1.0.4 release went poorly so I had to do a few rapid fire releases to get everything to be happy.  Sorry for the release spamming. (1.0.5) - * Eclipse produced a bad apk, sorry, mea culpa.

(1.0.4) - * Pre 1.0.3 databases were not being removed when moving data to SD

(1.0.3) - New permission: SD Card * Data now moves itself to SD if there is room. Please, if the SD is not working, mail me. I don't have a device with SD, so the implementation had to be done on virtual devices. * Clicking on titles in 2.x resulted in just seeing just urls * Exposed search provider to OS, so you can use android search to find rules