Blimey! The pirate ship be done, ye bilge-sucking landlubbers!

The pirate ship project is done!  This final release gives us the forecastle and the poop deck, as well as a thing that contains all of the blender and OpenSCAD source.

There are plenty of places to go to from here.  The masts can be extended with wooden dowels.  There are mounting points for the rigging on the sides of the deck.  The captain's quarters (along with any of the other quarters) can be outfitted with furniture. There are tons of possibilities. 

At least two of these decks (the lower hold and the bilge) would be underwater at sea, so when this is on the table, you might want to remove those layers most of the time. 

We've already started working on "The Man's Promise," which is a larger ship and the main setting for Skull and Shackles. We think most shipboard adventures need two so you can do ship-to-ship battles!

Grab them all on Thingiverse.