Tudor walls released

This set is my first real run at being able to start making tiles for use in creating both interior spaces as well as cityscapes.

To prepare for doing this set, I looked through hundreds of photos of tudor buildings to find that there is incredible variety in the facades.  What I want out of this set is not to make it just so you can create taverns, inns, and other buildings, but so that you can also create many different buildings, each with its own unique feel for cityscapes.  

Perhaps the smithy uses the chevron-backed tiles while the herbalist uses the wide slashes, and the tavern the basic squares.

This set is split: There's the basic tudor wall (the one with the square panels in the center), as well as the first set of variations.  The second set of variations is forthcoming, and it will use cross beams in the center, along with the various diagonals.

We're really pleased with both the wood and the stucco, the end results create a really warm, organic feel.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!