Venus Frieze Wall Released

Let's art this place up!  The single most popular pieces in the last survey were dressing pieces, so I've been aiming to create more.  This tile uses a marble frieze from the 1700s titled "Venus Reclining on a Sea Monster with Cupid and a Putto."

A big process deviation on this release is that I'm publishing only the two most common sizes I see this being used in (2x2 and 2x4), and I'm publishing the external and internal wall pieces at the same time.  If you want another size, let me know and I can add it after the fact.

The main reason I'm not focused on the full range of size variation is that I've also added parts that let you print out the floor separate from the back, so you can use these to make any size you want.  I found that printing the tile in pieces and painting them before assembly made the paint job substantially easier.  Normally the floor blocks the paint brush from getting under overhangs, and this eliminates that problem entirely. 

Grab em' on Thingiverse and let me know what you think about the tile and the process differences in the comments. If you like what you see, support us on Patreon