Cut-Stone External Adapters Released

I'm really excited about this set. These tiles are core to why I changed edge tiles to include a half-base wall instead of one the same thickness as normal tiles.

Historically, the edge/external tiles have been a pain to work with because you needed small shims or other pieces to make attaching rooms/hallways work without a gap.  

On the Thingiverse page, I've included a set of diagrams on how to build the most common things you'll need, like tees, corners, etc.

This set of tiles makes it so you can easily join rooms and hallways without having it mess up the floor grid. With a half dozen of the 2x1 left, 2x1 right, 1-2 2x1 centers and a half dozen 2x1 walls and 2x1 floors you should be good to go for even fairly large builds.

Grab 'em on Thingiverse and let me know what you think in the comments.