Bring in your dead! Bring in your dead!

If you’re like us, you’re probably wondering, “Where do I put all these dead bodies?”

Wonder no more: Masterwork Tools is killing it with this mausoleum. Originally designed for the Frostgrave scenario “The Mausoleum,” the piece is a great addition to any tabletop game that calls for a graveyard.

Devon’s proud of this one:  He has printed some beautiful pieces created by other makers, but this is his most complex design. Terrain remains his bread and butter, but he’s been working hard at expanding his Blender skills to make more interesting buildings for players to interact with. Monica’s primary contribution to this piece was preventing our 4-year-old from adding her own Crayola graffiti art. That was 3 seconds of heart-stopping terror, let us tell you.

This piece consists of eight distinct parts, thirty three to print, which took about a week to print using PLA plastic. It took two nights to paint. We’re offering optional parts for making it compatible with Openforge 2.0 magnetic bases and OpenLock bases.  

The top of the building comes off so you can see inside, as do the sides so your players can move freely when the undead inevitably run amok. ‘Cause those coffins aren’t going to grave-rob themselves.

Thank you so much to the Patrons supporting our work. Your contributions help us continue to make high-quality prints for your games. If you’d like to support our work, please visit our Patreon page. You can also download the tiles for free on Thingiverse

Don't forget to vote on the backer site  for what you want to see next.  This piece was kind of a wild hair, but we still decide almost every time what to design next on the votes.

More docks than you can handle

We've released a bunch of new stuff for docks that we're using for our Skull and Shackles game.  Combined with pieces from the scaffolding construction kits, we built the pictured pirate lighthouse.  I expect there's probably about one more docks construction-kit release forthcoming.

Grab the files on Thingiverse and let me know what you think in the comments below.

There will be two releases this week to backfill for the missing release last week.  Print tests on the docks failed and I had to do some redesign, delaying it into this week.

And as per usual, be sure to go vote on the ideas you want to see on the backer site.

Masterwork Tools loves the dock

What lake or ocean setting is complete without docks? These files will let you create the perfect space for shady dock-workers and stealthy ocean monsters eager to eat your face.

Y’all apparently thought it was a good idea, too, because this construction kit was No. 1 in voting. It works with all our other tiles, and we’re planning more construction kits in the future, so stay tuned. 

Grab the docks on Thingiverse and  be sure to sign up for the backer site if you have not. Vote for what you want to see!

Angled Risers and Half-Height Walls Released


Following this, there's only one release left in the basic set of OpenForge support for OpenLock. Here we have released Half-Height Diagonal and Angled Walls, Diagonal and Angled Risers and Full Height Diagonal and Angled Risers. A great use for these is the pictured staircase, but there are plenty of creative uses for the pieces.

Normally we try to toggle back and forth between a creative tile or accessory and the next logical tile for the set we're working on.  With all the work we put into getting the Masterwork Tools Backer Site  working, we're a little tapped on creativity, so we decided to go forward on finishing up the first run of OpenLOCK.  Lack of sleep from being home with our new daughter is somewhat to blame here ;-).  Next week we plan on finishing out the basic OpenLOCK set with the full-height risers, and the new floor sizes that rampage added since we started down this path.  From there we plan on mostly focusing on what gets voted for on the site, so be sure to get on there and have your voice heard!

You are the light of my dungeon

We're really excited about this release.  We've combined the strengths of OpenLOCK with a flexible system for making electrical tiles.

First, we have the Battery Base, which is an E 2x2 tile that contains a CR2032 battery and can provide power to any number of the ports on the bottom (though we generally power only one).

Second, we have the Powered Clip, which provides leads that take power from a battery base to any other tile that wants power.

Finally, we have the Torch Wall, which is an A 2x0.5 wall that connects a flickering led from an LED votive candle to the OpenLOCK port.

This is but one possibility for the kinds of effects we can now do given that we have a basic standard for power with OpenLOCK. We were inspired to work on this idea from a patron on the new backer site.  If you have not yet signed up, do it and let us know what you want!  If you have, go vote on tiles and add ideas for what you want us to work on.

Masterwork Tools Beta Site Testers Needed

 Thanks for agreeing to beta test for me!

The Masterwork Tools backer site is almost ready.  On this site, backers can:

  • Vote on tile sets they want to see created
  • Submit ideas for new styles/shapes/accessories for everyone to vote on
  • Discuss Styles, Sets and Ideas

Eventually I would also like to make the site able to display tiles from other creators who have designed them to work with OpenForge and want them included with the main collection.

I still have some work to do on it, and a ton of data to load, but the site is ready for some users to give it a workout.

If you are interested in testing the site out before full release, comment on this note, and I'll send you an email with further instructions.  Thanks!

Rounding out the curved tiles

Today we are rounding out the full cut-stone set of curved tiles (pun totally intended).

We've added:

As a part of this release, we are also making the Thingiverse organization a bit more tidy.  You can find the other curved releases here:

We're going through all the other OpenLOCK tiles to get them into this basic organization of three styles (Rectangular, Curved, Angled) with six forms (Floor, Riser, Full-Height Riser, Wall, Half-Height Wall, Flat-End).

Let's add some class to this dungeon

We've been experimenting with porting a crafting technique called Toner Transfer for use with 3d printing.  This technique allows anyone to create stunning graphics on any flat surface of a 3d-printed object using pictures printed on laser printers.

Our first release using this technique uses mosaic floor tiles to really add flavor or perhaps some ancient mystery to your dungeons.  We've included both standard OpenForge and OpenLOCK floor tiles in this release.

Go grab the files from Thingiverse , and let us know what you think in the comments below

Blimey! The pirate ship be done, ye bilge-sucking landlubbers!

The pirate ship project is done!  This final release gives us the forecastle and the poop deck, as well as a thing that contains all of the blender and OpenSCAD source.

There are plenty of places to go to from here.  The masts can be extended with wooden dowels.  There are mounting points for the rigging on the sides of the deck.  The captain's quarters (along with any of the other quarters) can be outfitted with furniture. There are tons of possibilities. 

At least two of these decks (the lower hold and the bilge) would be underwater at sea, so when this is on the table, you might want to remove those layers most of the time. 

We've already started working on "The Man's Promise," which is a larger ship and the main setting for Skull and Shackles. We think most shipboard adventures need two so you can do ship-to-ship battles!

Grab them all on Thingiverse.

OpenLOCK Half-Height Walls and Floors

As we mentioned earlier, we're getting the make-up release out for the week we missed earlier in December.  This time around, we have released the full array of OpenLOCK rectangular half-height walls as well as all of the rectangular floor segments in half-height sizes. 

I've had a lot of requests lately for the half-height walls, as they solve some of the problems that DM Scotty's TileScapes fix (not blocking the view).  However, even for GMs who like using the full-height walls, these have tons of uses as low walls, fences, etc.

The half-height floors  are very useful as well , giving you the flexibility to build out daises, raised platforms, or just varying elevations.

Grab 'em both on Thingiverse and let us know what you think in the comments below.