Let's add some class to this dungeon

We've been experimenting with porting a crafting technique called Toner Transfer for use with 3d printing.  This technique allows anyone to create stunning graphics on any flat surface of a 3d-printed object using pictures printed on laser printers.

Our first release using this technique uses mosaic floor tiles to really add flavor or perhaps some ancient mystery to your dungeons.  We've included both standard OpenForge and OpenLOCK floor tiles in this release.

Go grab the files from Thingiverse , and let us know what you think in the comments below

Blimey! The pirate ship be done, ye bilge-sucking landlubbers!

The pirate ship project is done!  This final release gives us the forecastle and the poop deck, as well as a thing that contains all of the blender and OpenSCAD source.

There are plenty of places to go to from here.  The masts can be extended with wooden dowels.  There are mounting points for the rigging on the sides of the deck.  The captain's quarters (along with any of the other quarters) can be outfitted with furniture. There are tons of possibilities. 

At least two of these decks (the lower hold and the bilge) would be underwater at sea, so when this is on the table, you might want to remove those layers most of the time. 

We've already started working on "The Man's Promise," which is a larger ship and the main setting for Skull and Shackles. We think most shipboard adventures need two so you can do ship-to-ship battles!

Grab them all on Thingiverse.

OpenLOCK Half-Height Walls and Floors

As we mentioned earlier, we're getting the make-up release out for the week we missed earlier in December.  This time around, we have released the full array of OpenLOCK rectangular half-height walls as well as all of the rectangular floor segments in half-height sizes. 

I've had a lot of requests lately for the half-height walls, as they solve some of the problems that DM Scotty's TileScapes fix (not blocking the view).  However, even for GMs who like using the full-height walls, these have tons of uses as low walls, fences, etc.

The half-height floors  are very useful as well , giving you the flexibility to build out daises, raised platforms, or just varying elevations.

Grab 'em both on Thingiverse and let us know what you think in the comments below.

A ton of OpenLOCK revisions

We noticed a few weeks ago that Printable Scenery had updated OpenLOCK to 4.0, with a bunch of changes.  They added a number of additional ports to existing walls, making tessellation easier and eliminating the need for a bunch of mirrored versions of walls.  They also added a number of new tile sizes for floors (EA-3x3, SA-3x1, SB-4x1) and walls (J-1x1, K-2.5x1, L-3x1, M-4x1, N-2x1).

We've gone through all the OpenForge OpenLOCK sets and updated them, adding in all the additional ports, adding the new tile morphologies, and incorporating some of the feedback we've gotten from you all, such as the suggestion to remove the supports in the OpenLOCK ports.

We've touched every single OpenLOCK release to get this all done, and we reorganized in the process.  All our tiles now use the same naming convention as the OpenLOCK project.  We've also consolidated all of the experiments into a smaller number of Thingiverse things.

Find the updated and new floors (including all half and large floors) in the consolidated OpenLOCK floors thing.  

Finally, we promised earlier this month to do a make-up release for the missed week earlier in December.  Look for that release later today.

Thanks everyone for your support in 2016!

Pirate ship's main deck ready to sail

This is installment four of the pirate ship. This week we release the main deck, where you’ll find the officers' and captain's quarters on the fore and aft, respectively.

This release was rough. I had two separate printer outages this week, breaking my extruder and main board, hence the late release.  Your support made it easier for me to get the replacement parts I needed, so thank you all very much for being part of this project.

While it's designed for our Skull and Shackles  campaign, this ship should be suitable for any pillaging your group wants to partake in. This particular ship is inspired by The Wormwood, the primary craft in the Wormwood Mutiny. 

I'm not the GM for the game.  I learned this week that a second ship, The Man's Promise, is the primary ship for the remainder of the campaign. That ship is forthcoming.

Grab it on Thingiverse  and let me know what you think in the comments below!

OpenLOCK long walls/large floors released

Sorry all. We missed last week's release. Our printer broke and Devon lost half the week to a business trip. We'll try to get a double release in next week.

This week, I'm expanding the OpenLOCK offerings with long walls , large floors and long half floors .  It's going to be a couple more releases banging out the basics of OpenLOCK, then we can start with doors/windows and such. We'll keep releasing something else every other week so it's not all basics.  Next up is the deck of the wormwood!

Shiver me timbers! The lower hold!

This is installment No. 2 of the pirate ship.  While it was designed for our Skull and Shackles campaign, this ship should be suitable for any pillaging your group wants to partake in.  This particular ship is inspired by The Wormwood, the primary craft in Skull and Shackles.

We re-created the entire pirate ship, changing things here and there to create something that works in three dimensions. To get the exterior of the ship to have all the right curves, we had to think like ship builders and work from the bones on out. Pictured here is our second release, the lower hold (where the crew sleeps). We printed this in wood filament to achieve a more realistic look and feel, and it was worth it.

Given the design’s complexity, we’ll be releasing the ship in installments, probably every two weeks. (This installment took three.)

Grab it on Thingiverse  and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Deeper into OpenLOCK

We've gotten a ton of positive feedback for the experimental support for OpenLOCK that we published a bit over a week ago.  Well, now we are adding to that support.  This week we are publishing most of what you need to be able to use OpenLOCK with the vast majority of OpenForge 2.0 tiles.  Further, we've added the ability to use OpenLOCK bases with the magnetic system.

We have produced a full set of bases that support OpenLOCK as well as magnets for all the styles now out there.

These cover all the square/rectangular tile types.  As we add the other OpenLOCK styles (Diagonal, Curved, Hexagonal), we will add bases in all three stylings with and without magnets.

Finally, we have also created a collection where you can now find and browse all OpenForge 2.0 bases.

As usual, let us know what you think in the comments below.

OpenForge does OpenLOCK

This is an experiment in OpenForge supporting the OpenLOCK system. We've been in discussions with Printable Scenery , and we heartily support this open standard for locking tiles.  We have no plans to stop producing the tiles we've always produced, but given the ability for OpenForge to handle different bases for different uses, supporting OpenLOCK just clicked into place. (See what I did there?)

We've produced OpenLOCK bases that enable you to use any existing internal tile design with the system.  We've also gone all in on supporting the basic set of wallsfloors and half floors

Currently, this system seems to do a great job of usurping the need to do construction kits, but this is where you come in.  Tell us what you think about OpenForge and OpenLOCK.  Should we chase this down and make a full set?  Would you prefer we stick with what we've done before?  Tell us below in the comments!